Slide | Bruen, Ken; Starr, Jason



Max Fisher used to run a computer company; Angela Petrakos was his assistant and mistress. But that was last year. Now Max is reinventing himself as a hip-hop crack dealer and Angela's back in Ireland, hooking up with a would-be record-setter ... in the field of serial killing. Will their paths cross again? What do you think?




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Bruen, Ken; Starr, Jason


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Soide, Slde, Slidw, Slise, Sldie, Slie, Slids, Sljde, SSlide, Slidee, Slife, Slice, Sliee, lSide, Slidd, Slkde, Skide, Slied, Slixe, Sllide, Slode, Slude, Side, Slidr, Slid, Silde, Slire, Spide, Slidde, lide, Sliide

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