The Magic Thief: Found | Prineas, Sarah; Caparo, Antonio Javier


The Magic Thief: Found

Never turn your back on a dragon! Sneaking out of prison isn't easy, unless you are a thief, or a wizard. Luckily, Conn is both! Trouble is, once he's out, where does he go? His home is a pile of rubble since he blew it up doing magic. His master, the wizard Nevery, is not happy with him. Worst of all, Conn's been exiled, and staying in the city will mean his death. But Wellmet is in danger from an evil predator coming to destroy the city, and Conn must set off on a quest to fight it. Suddenl

Children's & Young Adult Fiction



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Children's & Young Adult Fiction

Prineas, Sarah; Caparo, Antonio Javier

Magic Thief: Found



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