The Chattanooga Campaign | Woodworth, Steven E.; Rafuse, Ethan S.; Elliott, Sam Davis; Smith, Timothy B; Simpson, Brooks D.; Grear, Charles D; Bennett,


The Chattanooga Campaign

When the Confederates emerged as victors in the Chickamauga Campaign, the Union Army of the Cumberland lay under siege in Chattanooga, with Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee on nearby high ground at Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain. A win at Chattanooga was essential for the Confederates, both to capitalize on the victory at Chickamauga and to keep control of the gateway to the lower South. Should the Federal troops wrest control of that linchpin, they would cement their control of eastern




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Woodworth, Steven E.; Rafuse, Ethan S.; Elliott, Sam Davis; Smith, Timothy B; Simpson, Brooks D.; Grear, Charles D; Bennett,

Chattanooga Campaign

Southern Illinois University Press


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