And Yesterday Is Gone | Durando, Dolores


And Yesterday Is Gone

An epic coming-of-age novel about the bonds and history between two men that intertwine their families togetherfor better and for worse. Steve is a seventeen-year-old runaway when he meets, Juan, the son of a fugitive drug lord. The two work together, deep in the Calaveras Mountains of California, on a large marijuana-growing operation run by Juan's father. Their friendship is fueled by the brutal conditions and horrific events that define their day-to-day lives. The utter loneliness of their




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Durando, Dolores

And Yesterday Is Gone

Infinite Words


And Yesterday Is Goje, And Yesterday Is Gonr, And Yesterdzy Is Gone, And Yssterday Is Gone, And Yesterdya Is Gone, And Yesterday Is Gonee, And Yesteeday Is Gone, And Ydsterday Is Gone, And Yesterdsy Is Gone, And Yessterday Is Gone, And Yesterday Is GGone, And Yesyerday Is Gone, Adn Yesterday Is Gone, And Yestrrday Is Gone, And Yeterday Is Gone, And eYsterday Is Gone, And Yesetrday Is Gone, And Yesterday Is Gine, And Yesgerday Is Gone, And Yesterday Is oGne, And Yesterday Is Gone, Annd Yesterday Is Gone, Anr Yesterday Is Gone, And Yesterday Is Goone, And Yesterday Is Gon, And Yestsrday Is Gone, And Yesterday Is Gonw, And Yesterday Is Gnoe, And Yesterday sI Gone, Abd Yesterday Is Gone, And Yestereay Is Gone, An Yesterday Is Gone, And Yestetday Is Gone, And Yesterday Iw Gone, And Yesteray Is Gone, And Yezterday Is Gone, Amd Yesterday Is Gone, And Yesterday Iz Gone, And Yesterdag Is Gone, Ahd Yesterday Is Gone, And Yesterdat Is Gone, And Yeserday Is Gone, And Yrsterday Is Gone, AndY esterday Is Gone, And YesterdayI s Gone, And Yesterdy Is Gone, And Yesrerday Is Gone, And Yestersay Is Gone, Ad Yesterday Is Gone, And Yesterdqy Is Gone

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